Blue sandals outfits – Style Tips

Blue sandals outfits – Style Tips

Blue is a very versatile color and can be included in any outfit. However, come up with blue sandals outfits could be a very difficult task. You will need to weigh down every option carefully and come to conclusion keeping all the pros and cons in mind. I will guide you through stepwise and help in understanding all the steps needed to pull off the perfect look in a pair of blue sandals.

Blue sandals outfits

Let’s start with a lady and clean cut office look, this is a semi-formal look. Get cigarette pants or trousers, preferably black, as it will contrast well with the blue sandals outfits. You can go monochrome and pair it with a black blazer or be a bit more adventurous and pair it with a sleek white blazer. Complete this look with a pair of high-heeled blue pumps.

Blue sandals and black trousers outfit

If you have a pair of blue stilettos and wondering how to jazz up your style, then go monochrome, choose neutral shades like beige, white or black. The trousers should be well-fitted and put on a turtle neck top of the same color to go with that. Now, coming to the main statement element of the outfit, complete your look with a floral kimono or any oversized jacket of your choice if you don’t like floral prints.

outfits with blue sandals

Put together a casual day look with boyfriend jeans and a pair of blue sandals. When wearing heels, we should keep in mind that boyfriend jeans might end up looking baggy, so a simple solution for this is to cuff up the hemline of the jeans and bare your lower calf. You can complete this look with either a well-fitted sweater or a simple linen shirt. You are set to dazzle with any of the blue sandals outfits.

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